Trebag decided to organise the course in smaller groups and hold only an introductory face-to-face session, followed by an e-learning session. The training was held during the period from 24th of May until 4th of July 2018.

The course participants were from three different parts of Hungary (Nagykovácsi, Budapest and Maroslele) the blended learning approach (a combination of real time face-to-face and e-lerning training method) were chosen by our trainers. 18 participants completed successfully the four modules.

Participants belonged to the following categories:   

•    NGO
•    Public administration 
•    Education
•    Psychologist
•    Social workers
•    Students at higher educational level 

As for the additional country specific information Trebag developed some extra material including a ppt and a quiz with additional information on the country. 

According to the evaluation participants’ questionnaire the fillers found the training material very useful and complete and the course organization excellent. The users thought that the training material introduces new and innovative methods. They agreed that the contents are relevant to the target group.